Terms Of Use


1.1. This Privacy Policy covers official services, financial and information services, etc. for its customers. Includes the policy of Alba Brokers (hereinafter referred to as the Company), which is officially represented by Business Partners.

1.2. By choosing company services, the client fully accepts all terms and conditions of public documents. This also applies to where business and investment transactions between the client and the company are carried out, various information materials are used, payments and transfers are made, etc. It also applies to places and interactions. If the customer fails to comply with any of the terms of the package of public documents, he must cease all interactions with the company. If the customer finds the terms of this Privacy Policy unacceptable for any reason, they will cease all interactions with the company, including the termination of all financial transactions through the company.

1.3. The current Privacy Policy declares one of the most important principles that the company follows when serving its customers. The company respects each individual and legal unit's right to privacy, just like those who wish to interact with the company, regardless of whether they have customers or not. The terms of this Privacy Policy apply equally to the company's former, current and future Customers. One of the top priorities of the company is the relationship between the Company and its Customers. The company respects each customer individually and provides security and confidentiality to each customer.

1.4. The following basic terms and definitions are used in the current Privacy Policy.

1.4.1 Confidentiality is the legal right of an individual or legal person not to disclose private or personal information (data) or commercially classified information. Confidentiality in the relationship between the Company and the customer means the Company's commitment to ensure that the Company does not conceal and disclose customer information obtained while serving the customer.


When the client applies for or maintains a live or demo account for the company, the company collects personal information for commercial purposes such as evaluating the client's financial needs, processing client requests and opportunities, informing the client about products and services. This may attract his attention and provide efficient and quality service to the customer. This information can be of the following types:

2.1.1 Registration Information: Information (including electronic documents) provided by the client about application forms and other documents. This includes: name, surname, username, contact information (postal address, phone number, email, etc.), date of birth, occupation, assets, and income.

2.1.2 Transaction Information: Information about the agreements between the customer and the company or between the customer and the Company's Subsidiaries and the communications (unilateral or bilateral) between the customer and the company. Examples include customer account balances, trading (investment) activity, customer requests, and company responses, including mail or log files in the messaging systems used. In this Privacy Policy, the term "Subsidiaries of the Company" refers to a company owned company as well as entities owned or operated by the company.

2.1.3 Verification Information: Contains information necessary to verify the Customer's identity (or the master agreement if the Customer is a legal entity), such as a passport or driver's license. Examples include information received by the company from public records such as credit bureaus, information agencies, and address bureaus, or from other entities not affiliated with the company. The Anti-Money Laundering Policy requires the company to collect the necessary information and take the necessary measures to prevent the conversion and legalization (laundering) of money obtained from illegal activities. In some cases, the Company has the right to request a document explaining the funds

2.2 The company does not collect or store any customer's credit / debit card information in its database.


3.1. The Company does not disclose the Customer's personal information to third parties, except in cases specified in this Privacy Policy. Third-party disclosures may include sharing such information with the Company's Non-Affiliated Partners who facilitate customer deals with the company, including those who provide technical support services to Customer accounts or provide professional, legal, or accounting advice to the company. Non-affiliated partners who assist the company in providing services to customers are authorized to protect the confidentiality of this information to the extent they receive it, and to use this personal information only when providing these services and only for the purposes determined by the company.

3.2. The company may also disclose the customer's personal information to third parties in accordance with the customer's instructions or with the Customer's express consent. The Company also informs its customers that it will not sell, temporarily use, distribute or distribute the customer's Personal information at no cost.


4.1. As a company customer and actively using its services (including brokerage services and information services), using software and / or hardware to conduct professional activities in financial markets, I agree to the Privacy Policy described in this Statement.

4.2. I agree to all provisions (terms, sections) of all documents made public by the company during the use of any services of the company, and in the event of a dispute, I will stop using the company services immediately.

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